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Ngapali Beach

ngapaliPerhaps the most popular beach in the vicinity is at the neighboring village of Ngapali. The resort is also ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling activities. The community is thought to have received its name during the First Anglo-Burmese War from Italian mercenaries, who said the stretch of sand reminded them of their Naples home.




Inle Lake

inle houseAn oasis surrounded by the southern Shan Plateau, Inle Lake may be the area's main attraction for visitors, but it should not be the only one. About 550 meters (1800 feet) and 27 km(17 miles) by road uphill from the lake is Taunggyi, a former British hill station.




setseDuring the British colonial period there was a bustling holiday center here, the beach at Setse being particularly well known. The opening of this area to Western tourists depends, however, on the success of government troops in reducing rebel activity in southern Myanmar. Villages Nearby are living out off fishing.




Kantharyar Beach

kantharyaron 24th March, 1995 in commemoration of the 50th Golden Jubilee Myanmar Armed Forces Day. It is situated in "Gwa" township only 82 miles from " Ngapali" beach . Yangon to Gwa is about 174 miles by Motor road and the route from Gwa to Kann-tha-ya beach is 17 miles by Motor road and the renovation of Gwa airfield is now improved to receive F-28 Jet aircraft in "Visit Myanmar Year 1996" and F-27 aircraft can land at present. It takes about 50 minutes to fly from Yangon to Gwa

The out-standing features of ' Kann-tha-ya' beach are the blue sea, a very long stretch of silvery sands, a dark green line of coconut palm groves along the wide coast almost level beach about 8000 yards long and massive rock slabs and boulders. Speed-boats ate available at there for visitors who desire joy rides. A telegraphic and telephone station is at " Myay Hill" for inland and overseas communications.

The fauna in the Yoma forests are elephants, tigers, rhinos, gaurs, leopards, jungle cat's wild boars, deer, and monkeys, ect. It is different from other countries that these wild animals are to be seen frequently. Vacationers may go on hunting expeditions near the resort. People with a penchant for fishing may go out angling in the sea reefs and rocks providing a natural fence for the beach in safety. Life -guards have been posted along the beach. For those who desire to stretch their limbs, a 9-hole golf link has been kept in readiness.

Ngwesaung Beach

leisure-01Ngwe Saung Beach Myanmar’s latest beach resort having the longest shore - 9 miles. It is located 29 miles from Pathein Capital of Ayeyarwaddy Devision. One can suddenly enjoy upon the open crescent beach a breath taking vista a blue sea rolling waves and white sand. This long beach lies between the Bay of Bengal with its unforgetable views at sunset and the Rakkhine Mountain Range with the evergreen rain forest on its slopes.



Chaung Thar Beach

chaungthaChaung-tha beach is located 40 km to the west of Pathein ( Bassein) in Ayeyarwady Division. A regular double-decker boat leaves Yangon about 4 pm every evening and reaches Pathein early in the next day and bus drive from Pathein to Chaung-tha takes about 2 hours. It is also reached by road from Yangon via Pathein taking about 5 hours.


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