Myanmar Months & its Activities (Nadaw)
tazaungmoneNADAW (Animists paying homage to Nats)

'Nadaw ' is the name of the ninth month on the Myanmar calendar corresponding to December of the calendar in International use. The actual spelling in Myanmar characters transliterates as Nattaw Nat is a general term applied to Spirit God, Deva or Deity and Taw is honorific signifying 'respect'. In the time of Myanmar Kings, it was a month for oblation to deities of Nats, hence the name of the month. Actually, it is not that the Myanmar people are animists paying homage to Nats, but Animism that had taken roots from very early times had perisiently survived, though in very limited spheres, when the Theravada Buddhism reached Pagan in the 11th century ( C.E.) and King Anawrahta accepted it and made it the religion of his kingdom, suppressing all corrupt form of worship including animistic sacrifices and unwholesome practices that existed in Pre-Buddhist Pagan.

In this month, there are also ceremonies of conferring titles and honours to distinguished figures in Myanmar literatil.

In the Independent Union of Myanmar, the month of 'Nadaw' ( December ) is the time for literary activities, honouring those to whom honour is due as in the time of Myanmar Kings. Ceremonies of giving awards in various fields of literary work are usually held on the first day of the waxing moon in ' Nadaw' (December ) . There are festivities celebrating the anniversaries of great literary figures like Na-wa-de, Nat-shin-naung, Seinda-Kyawthu, let-wei-thondra, Myawady Mingyi U Sa, U Ponnya, etc.

Writers and poets travel all over the country to meet their readers and hold seminars, discussions and talks on literary subjects.


Although the great majority of Myanmars are Buddhists, Union of Myanmar is not a Buddhist State secular one and highly motivated in their respective religions. All Christians in Myanmar celebrate Christmas at their respective Churches on 25th December every year Carols are sung, friends greeted and gifts exchanged, not forgetting the aged and the poor.

Karen New Year

The Koreans, one of the Union National groups in the Union of Myanmar, celebrate their 'new crop' ceremony bringing in their New Year. Garbed in their national costumes, dances and songs are put on show high-lighting with their lively 'Don' folk dance.