State-Division (Mon State)

mon stateMon state is located on the western coast of the Taninthayi Coastline, facing the Andaman Sea.

The capital is Mawlamyaing, formerly Moulmien.

It has a total area of 12155 sq-km, and the population is 2.46 million.

The majority are Bamar. However, there is a large minority of Mon who still live in the area. Many are isolated and about half of the Mons do not understand or speak Burmese.

Mon state was the first birth place of Buddhist propagation headed by two venerable monks, Ashin Sonna and Ottara sent by the Emperor Ahshoka of India in the 3rd centaury BC.

The golden Rock "Kyaikhtio" pagoda situated precariously on the cliff of mountain is in this division.

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