State-Division (Sagaing Division)

sagaing divisionThe capital of Sagaing division is Sagaing.

This devision covers the area of 93527 sq-km, and the population is over 5.3 millions.

Sagaing lies 21 km south-west of Mandalay on the west bank of the Ayeyarwady River. It is also an ancient capital of 'Sagaing Dynasty' Sagaing Hills are known as a religious retreat where over 400 monasteries for monks and nuns are located for Buddhist studies and meditation.

About 10 km from Sagaing is the Kaung-hmu-daw, an enormous dome-shaped pagoda, built by King Thalun in 1636 on the model of the Maha-ceti Pagoda of Sri Lanka. Ywataung village is well known for its silver-smiths, and the world largest ringing bell is located in Mingon of Sagaing Division.

It is the division where the world famous "Naga" (head hunter) dwelt.

For the people who interested in discovering the nature, this division give Along-taw-kathpha Wild animal park.

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