State-Division (Shan State)

shan stateShan State is the largest province in Myanmar, and its' capital is Taungyi meaning "big mountain".

It has an area of 153997 sq-km, and the population is 4.7 million. The majority of people are Shan tribals implying many ethnic minorities. But Traditionally, it has TWO main groups, Kanbawza shan, and Maw shan.

Nearby is Inle Lake, is located about 30 km to the south of Taunggyi. This vast, beautiful and picturesque Lake, sheltered among the hazy blue mountains of 1524 meters, stretches 22.4 km long and 10.2 km wide. The lake itself is about 900 meters above sea-level and studded with floating islands.

The celebrated Phaung-Daw-Oo Pagoda is situated in this Lake. Its festival, hole once a year in October, is full of pageantry and ceremonial splendor.

The most unique and different from other countries i.e. Inle traditional unique one-leg rowers races can be seen by visitors during the festival of Phaung-Daw-Oo Pagoda. The other hill resort in Shan state is Kalaw, which lies about 71 km west of Taunggyi, the beautiful hill station surrounded by mountains. It is a peaceful summer resort with meaning mountain streams and fragrant pine woods. There are Palaung villages nearby and hill tribe's people in their colorful costumes can be seen at Kalaw market held every five days.

Further more, Pindaya, situated at the foot of Mene-Taung Range about 45 km north of Kalaw, is a picturesque place. This small quite town is famous for its caves in which thousands of centuries-old Buddha Images are seated. The images are of various sizes, some carved in the face of rock and some deposited in niches in the walls. The road from Kalaw to Pindaya (38 km) passes through a countryside of magnificent scenic beauty.

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