Golden Myanmar

20 days

Tour Program Name : Myanmar 20 days
Cover Area : Yangon - Kyaington - Inle - Mandalay - Hsibaw - Bagan - Yangon 


Brief Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival, transfer to Hotel and sightseeing in Yangon

O/N in Yangon.

Day 2 Fly for Kyaington, transfer to Hotel and sightseeing

O/N in Kyaington.

Day 3 Trekking to Arkhi and Eikaw tribal villages

O/N in Taungoo.

Day 4 Visit local market and fly for Inle, continue to Pindaya

O/N in Pindaya.

Day 5 Visit Pindaya cave and continue to Kalaw

O/N in Kalaw.

Day 6 Trekking to Palaung village and continue to Inle Lake

O/N in Inle.

Day 7 Visit in and around Inle Lake by small Boat

O/N in Inle.

Day 8 Drive to Taungyi and visit Market then fly for Mandalay

O/N in Mandalay.

Day 9 Visit in and around Mandlay and Amarapura

O/N in Mandalay.

Day 10 Boat trip to Mingun and continue to Sagaing

O/N in Mandalay.

Day 11 Drive to Pyinoolwin and visit in and around hill station

O/N in Pyinoolwin.

Day 12 Overland drive to Hsibaw with visit en route

O/N in Hsibaw.

Day 13 Trekking to tribal village, explore along

O/N in Hsibaw.

Day 14 Trekking to tribal village and Doattawaddy river

O/N in Hsibaw.

Day 15 Overland drive to Mandalay with visit en route

O/N in Mandalay.

Day 16 Boat trip along Majestic Ayeyawaddy River

O/N in Bagan.

Day 17 Visit in and around Bagan Pagodas and Temples

O/N in Bagan.

Day 18 Day trip to Mt Popa and visit in Bagan

O/N in Bagan.

Day 19 Morning visit in Bagan and fly back to Yangon

O/N in Yangon.

Day 20 Last minutes visit in Yangon before departure…


Details Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival at Yangon airport, transfer to the hotel. Sightseeing in the heart of the City. Visit Chaukhtutgyi Pagoda, the colossal reclining Buddha Image, and stroll up near Karaweik royal floating barge. By the sun down, drive to Shwedagon Pagoda to watch the activities from the pagoda platform. Dinner with traditional performance.
chauthtatgyiChaukhtutgyi Pagoda ygn-shwedagon-01Shwedagon Pagoda
traditional performance2Traditional Dance karaweik-floating-hallKaraweik royal floating barge
Day 2 : Fly for Kyaington, the capital of eastern Shan state. Transfer to Hotel and afternoon Trekking to Wompauk village where Palaung tribes live. On the way back stop at Yamlaw village to study the life of Northern Shan people. Then continue to Erchi village to study the culture of Erchi hill tribes. Dinner and overnight at Motel.
Palaung Couple
ann young lady
Ann Young Lady
Day 3 : Visit tribal village.

Morning visits Central market to see the colorful minorities of Northern Shan State. Then continue to Buffalo's market to learn the purchasing of animals. After this proceed to Mount Pintauk about 12.5 mile from motel to start trekking to Aeng tribal village. These people Always colored their teeth by the resin of medicinal plants, and trees. Then proceed to waterfall, and Lahu villages to study the daily life. Dinner and overnight at Motel.

chin buffalo marketBuffalo's market water fallWaterfall
kyaington aeng tribalAnn tribal kyaington aengAnn Laday
Day 4 : From Kyaington to Heho-Pindaya.

Morning Visit Kyaington local market to see the activity where we can meet the flock of Ethnic miorities. Afternoon fly for Heho and continue to Pindaya, and visit Pindaya Cave. Dinner and overnight in Pindaya.

local market3
Local market
Pindaya Cave
Day 5 : From Pindaya to Kalaw.

Visit Pindaya Caves in which thousands of Buddha Images are adorned at every corner and niche of the cave. Then continue to Ngetphawtaw village to see the Bamboo Umbrella making. Yechansin village is famous for it's local product Bamboo hats. Then visit Pwehla village to watch the Taungyoe people and their life. Proceed to Kalaw and look around the British Hill station located over 1100 meters above sea level. Dinner and overnight in Kalaw.

pindaya bamboo umbrrella
Bamboo Umbrella
Taungyoe people
Day 6 : From Palaung tribal village to Nyaungshwe (Inle).

After breakfast visit to the market and watch the life of the Shan tribal people. Then trekking to Tayaw Palaung village. These Palaung people are called Silver Palaung. View the tea leaf plantation, and Thanatphet of which is used for Burmese Cheroot. Visit new village, and drop at monastery. Again visit Long house in which ten or more families are living together. Walk back to Kalaw, and proceed to Inle Lake.

palaung village
Palaung people
inle lake
Inle Lake
Day 7 : Explore in and around the lake by small boat.

Learn the life of fishermen, floating gardens on which fruits, flowers, and vegetables are grown. Visit Nampan market or Ywama floating market or another one (depend on five days' movement) to watch the colorful minorities of Shan State. Phaungdawoo Pagoda is famous for it's five shapeless Buddha Images heavily gilded with gold . Then continue to floating village to learn the daily life of Inta people. Visit Silversmith, hand loom weaving in Einpawkone village, and boat making. Ngahpechaung Monastery is one of the famous for its' well trained jumping cats. Dinner and overnight in Inle.

floating marketFloating market phaungdawooPhaungdawoo Pagoda
hand loom weavingHand loom weaving jumping cat1Jumping cats
Day 8 : From Taungyi to Mandalay.

Dirve to Taungyi, the capital of Shan State, and Drop at Central Market to watch the Shan, PaO, Palaung, Taungyoe, Danu tribals etc.. Then Continue to Ethnological Museum to see the fully dressed life size minorities statues, and artifacts. Afternoon fly for Mandalay, and transfer to Hotel and overnight in Mandalay.

taunggyi market2
Central Market
Day 9 : Visiting the Last Capital of Myanmar.

Visit Kuthotaw Pagoda, the world largest book, then learn the Gold leaf beating. Drive to Mahagandayon monastery to study the life of Buddhist monks, and picnic site U Bein bridge. After lunch visit Shweinbin old monastery, and Mahamuni Pagoda. Silk weaving in Amarapura, quick discovery of Sagaing, such as Thameikhtaw Nunnery, Ywahtaung village for silver ware making, and earthen pot making. View the panorama and Sunset from the top of Sagaing hill. Overnight in Mandalay.

mahamuni3Mahamuni Pagoda mahagandaryon1Mahagandayon Monastery
u pein
U Bein Bridge
thameikhtaw nunnery
Thameikhtaw Nunneries In Sagaing
Sagaing Hill
gold leaf beating
Making Paper for Gold Leaf
Day 10 : Along the Majestic River.

Take the small boat along the Majestiv Ayeyawaddy River for Mingon. Visit Mingon Home for the aged, and the world largest ring bell. Visit Mingon Pagoda huge, but un-finished for the royal founder passed away before he completed his deed. Myatheintan Pagoda is strange architecture build in the concept of Buddhist Cosmology. Drive back to Mandalay, and enjoy the puppet show after dinner. Overnight in Mandalay.

mingunLargest ring bell myatheintanMyatheintan Pagoda
river bank viewRiver Bank View onthe ferryboatView On the ferryboat
Day 11 : The British Hill station.

Drive to Pyinoolwin, situated over 1100 meters above sea level, the another hill station by stopping at some villages to learn the village life. Check in the Hotel, and visit Local market to watch the populace of surrounding area, and take the Sate-coach to Botanical garden not only for the picnickers but to study the different species of trees, plants and flowers. Proceed to Chinese temple temple to see the Chinese Alphabet plants and watch the school for the orphan and some hill's children. Dinner and overnight in Pyinoolwin.

Day 12 : From Hill station to Hsibaw(Northern Shan State)

Take the train to Hsibaw, the former capital of Northern Shan State. The rail track will pass over the famous Gonteik viaduct, and learn the life of domestic transportation. Transfer to the Guest House and evening sightseeing in the town, and watch the panorama from the top of Theintaung hill. Dinner and overnight in Hsibaw.

local market3
Local market
Pindaya Cave
Day 13 : Trekking Palaung villages (The trekking path can be changed conditionally)

Tracking to Palaung (Gold Palaung) village named Pankha taking 3 hours form guest house. The people to be seen are Gold Palaung tribe not like the Palaung tribe near Kalaw area. Continue to Ohnmu, the village of Play tribal people, then proceed to Bawgyo village to study the daily life of Shan people who are Buddhist but still believe Nats (Spirits). View the Spirits' House before drive back to hotel dinner and overnight in Hsibaw.

Day 14 : Today, we are going to Soonloan, the village of Shan people by small boat along Doatdawaddy river. Continue to Palaung village to study the daily life of the people then visit monastery. Proceed to Konetha, the village of Shan people and their tea leaf plantation. Catch the coach and drive back to hotel for dinner and overnight in Hsibaw.
Day 15 : From Hsibaw to Mandalay.

Drive to Kyaukme and stop at School and monastery to learn the country life and educational system of Country-site. Continue to Manadalay, and dinner at local people's house and overnight in Mandalay.

Day 16 : From Bagan to Mt Popa (Sprirt Mountain)

(Morning) Depart for Mt.Popa, visit the village on route. Drop at Nats (Spirit) museum to see the life size of the Nats statues. Climb up the mountain to view the environ of arid area. Climb Shwesandaw Pagoda to see the aerial view of Bagan. Proceed to Shwegugyi Temple, Gubyaukgyi Temple, and visit Myingaba village to learn the processing of regional lacquerware product. Proceed to Manuha Temple, and Nanpaya Temple. Dinner and overnight in Bagan.

mingun ayeyarwaddy
Along the river
bagan view
Day 17 : Explore the First Myanmar Empire.

The culture tour begins with Shwezigon Pagoda, the prototype of later Myanmar Stupa then visit Nyaung Oo local market to watch the people of surrounding area, proceed to Gawdawpalin Temple and Htilominlo Temple, well noted for its pilaster work, proceed to Dhamanyangyi Temple, famous for its fine brick work, proceed to Ananda Temple, an architectural crowing achivement of Bagan. Thatbyinnyu Temple is the tallest temple in Bagan built in the middle of 12th century. Visit Sulamani Temple to study the finest brickwork.

shwezeegoneShwezigon Pagoda gawdawpalin3Gawdawpalin Temple
Dhamanyangyi Temple
bagan ananda4
Ananda Temple
Thatbyinnyu Temple
Sulamani Temple
Day 18 : From Bagan to Mt Popa(Sprirt Mountain)

(Morning) Depart for Mt.Popa, visit the village on route. Drop at Nats (Spirit) museum to see the life size of the Nats statues. Climb up the mountain to view the environ of arid area. Climb Shwesandaw Pagoda to see the aerial view of Bagan. Proceed to Shwegugyi Temple, Gubyaukgyi Temple to see the earliest mural paintings in Bagan and visit Myingaba village to learn the processing of regional lacquerware product. Proceed to Manuha Temple, and Nanpaya Temple. Dinner and overnight in Bagan.

mount popaMt.PopaNats (Spirit) nat2Nats (Spirit)
gyubyaukgyi2Gubyaukgyi Temple lacquer wareLacquerware
Day 19 : From Bagan to Yangon.

Relax in the morning or (Riding bicycle or Horse-card) and Visit Visit Minnanthu Village to see the village life. Stop at Phayathonesu Temple to study the early frescos of Pagan period. Climb Tayokepyay Temple to view the panorama of surrounding. Afternoon fly for Yangon, and Dinner and overnight in Yangon.

bagan oilmaking
Village Life (Extracting peanut oil)
tayokepyay temple
Tayokepyay Temple
Day 20 : Visit to Visit in the downtown, and proceed to National Museum to watch the Royal Regalias of the Last King that are made of gold and richly studded with precious stones such as Rubies, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Oriental Topaz…Last minute shopping at Scotch Market and departure in the evening….
National Museum
Scotch Market



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