19 days

Tour Program Name : Myanmar 19 days
Cover Area : Yangon - Bago - Kyaikhtiyo - Pago Forest - Inle - Mandalay -
Monywa - Pakkuku - Bagan - Pyay (Prome) - Yangon 


Brief Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival, transfer to Hotel and sightseeing in downtown

O/N in Yangon.

Day 2 Depart for Bagao, and visit in and around Bagao

O/N in Bago.

Day 3 Continue to Taungoo with visit en route

O/N in Taungoo.

Day 4 Adventure into the forest to learn the teak extracting

O/N in Taungoo.

Day 5 Overland drive to Kalaw with visit en route

O/N in Kalaw.

Day 6 Drive to Pindaya and trekking to Taungyoe & Danu tribals

O/N in Pindaya.

Day 7 Visit Pindaya Cave and continue to Inle Lake

O/N in Inle.

Day 8 Explore in and around Inle Lake by small boat

O/N in Inle.

Day 9 Trekking to PaO and Danu tribal village

O/N in Inle.

Day 10 Train to Kalaw and continue to Mandalay by car

O/N in Mandalay.

Day 11 Visit in and around Mandalay and its environ

O/N in Mandalay.

Day 12 Excursion to Mingon and continue to Sagaing

O/N in Mandalay.

Day 13 Overland drive to Monywa with visit en route

O/N in Monywa.

Day 14 Drive to Pakhangyi, the Central Part and continue to Pakkuku

O/N in Pakkuku.

Day 15 Boat trip to bagan and visit in and around Pagodas and Temples

O/N in Bagan.

Day 16 Drive to Mt Popa and watch the lifesized Spirit Staues

O/N in Bagan.

Day 17 Overland drive to Pyway (Prome) with visit en route

O/N in Pyway.

Day 18 Visit in and around Pyway and continue to Yangon

O/N in Yangon.

Day 19 Last Minutes shopping before departure……


Details Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival at Yangon airport about 09:15 am by Thai Airway.
Transfer to the Hotel in the center of Town . Visit to Chaukhtatgyi pagoda, the huge Gigantic reclining Buddha Image, and stroll up near Karaweik Royal floating barge. By the sun down visit Shwedagon pagoda and watch the activity of Pagoda platform. Dinner and overnight in Yangon.
ygn-shwedagon-03Shwedagon Pagoda yangon chaukhtetkyiChaukhtutgyi Pagoda
national-museum-01National Museum karaweik2Karaweik Floating Hall
Day 2 : From Yangon to Bago
Morning, depart for Bago with the stop at Shwenyaungbin Spirit house, and Htaukkyant War Cemetery. Proceed to Hleku and watch the populace at the local market. Continue to Kyaikpon 4-seated huge Buddha Images, and visit Shwethahlaung Reclining Buddha Image, and Kahlani sima of the prototype of ordination hall. Then Visit Shwemawdaw pagoda that is even higher than Shwedagon Pagoda of Yangon, and study the life of the Buddhist monks at Kyachutwaing Monastery where a large numbers of monks in different age and levels are studying Buddhism. Sunset from Hinthagone Pagoda, and overnight in Bago.
kyaikpon-pagoda-01Kyaikpon Pagoda war-cementery-01War Cemetery
shwe thahlaungShwethahlaung Pagoda shwemawdaw-pagoda-01Shwemawdaw Pagoda
Day 3 : From Bago to Taungoo
Watch the Buddhist monks going for alms round in the morning. Proceed to Moeinkyi Bird Centuary to watch the flocks of water ducks. Learn the purchasing of vegetables and fruits at Baina village. Stop at Thuhtaykon village to see the remains of Indian farmers since the British time. Zeyawaddy is the biggest Indian town where many Indian descendant live. They were forced to come Myanmar by the British to establish the rice plantations. Some visit Taungoo in and around . Accommodation at Myanmar Beauty or Myanmar Hla guest house.
Vegetables Market
Day 4 : Adventure in the Forest.
Early morning drive into in the forest to see the live elephants and Teak production being carried out by Myanmar Timber Enterprise. Learn the life of man's best forklift, the Elephants, their refresher training camp, and watch the working Elephants. (Only if weather allowed) Continue Shwetaung Ngwetaung Karen village to learn the life of Karen people. Visit from house to house to watch their daily work (Trying to sleep at the village).
shwetaung ngwetaung
Shwetaung Ngwetaung
elephant working
Village Elephant on Duty
Day 5 : From Karen village to Kalaw.
Morning overland drive to Kalaw. Watch the Burmese Cheroot making in Tatkone. Again learn the cottage industry of dairy product in Yamethin. Stretch out our legs by walking a bit near the Meikhtila lake. Then start driving on the ranges of the mountains up to Kalaw but stop at Yinmarbin village to watch the country life of the people, and timber furniture work. Continue to Kalw for dinner and overnight.
Burmese Cheroot
Day 6 : Treking around Pindaya
Drive to Pindaya and start treeking to to Htut-ni and Sakya-in (Danu tribals) village, and continue to Yazakyi village (Palaung village) to explore the Ethnic minorities, and lunch at village monestery. Then proceed to Line Inn village where Taungyoe, and Danu tribals live. Visit from house to house and view the panorama from the Pawtawmu hill top. Continue to Taungpawgyi Danu village and return to the Pindaya.
Palaung tribal Couple
Taungyoe Tribes
Day 7 : Drive Pindaya to Inle Lake
Visit Pindaya cave in which thousand of Buddha Images are adorned at every corner of the niche. Again stop at Ngetpyawtaw village to learn the Local bamboo umbrella making and village, then to Yechansin village to study the Bamboo hat making. Visit available 5 days market (Pwehla or Aungban or Heho) to watch the minorities and visit Pao village to learn the country life. Dinner and overnight in Nyaungshwe or at Golden Cottage Island Hotel on the Lake.
pindaya bamboo umbrrella
Bamboo Umbrella Making
Pindaya Cave Pagoda
Day 8 : Explore in Inle Lake
Explore in and around the lake by small boat. Learn the life of fishermen, and floating gardens on which fruits, flowers, and vegetables are grown. Visit Nampan market or Ywama floating market or another one (depend on five days' movement) to watch the colorful minorities of Shan State. Phaungdawoo Pagoda is right in the center of the lake and famous for it's five shapeless Buddha Images heavily gilded with gold. Then continue to floating village to learn the daily life of Intha people. Visit Silversmith, hand loom weaving in Einpawkone village, and boat making. Ngahpechaung Monastery is one of the famous for its' well trained jumping cats. Dinner and overnight in Inle.
floating marketFloating market phaungdawooPhaungdawoo Pagoda
hand loom weavingHand loom weaving jumping catJumping cats
Day 9 : Trekking to PaO and Danu village
Trekking from Nanpan village to Mine Khut, and Panpyin village where the PaO tribal lives. Again continue to Tak Gyi, and Donthkhut village to view the Danu tribal people. There are not very many houses but very remote. Proceed to Htine village located on the peak of the mountain from where view the panorama of Lake Inle. Htine is the village which is the mid way to Katku. Return to Hotel for dinner and overnight.
PaO tribal
Katku Pagoda
Day 10 : By train to Kalaw, and overland to Mandalay
Transfer to Station to catch the train form Shwenyaung to Kalaw. Then (Kalaw) to Mandalay by overland driving. Stop at Monastery and village to learn the monastic education and the country life. Sometime enjoy the un-expectable celebration such as novitiation ceremony, weeding ceremony held at the village. Dinner and overnight in Mandalay.
onthe way pyay
On the way to Mandalay
Day 11 : Mandalay and around
Visit Kuthotaw Pagoda, the world largest book, then learn the Gold leaf beating. Drive to Mahagandayon monastery to study the life of Buddhist monks, and picnic site U Bein bridge. After lunch visit Shweinbin old monastery, and Mahamuni Pagoda. Visit stone carving and Bronze casting. Then proceed to Mandalay hill from where view the panorama of the environment. Dinner at local restaurant and enjoy the Marrionette show. Overnight in Mandalay.
kuthodaw4Kuthodaw Pagoda shwenandawShweinbin old monastery
Mahamuni Pagoda
stone carving2
Bronze casting
mandalay hill
Mandalay Hill
Marionette show
Day 12 : Visit Mingon and Sagaing
Boat trip across Ayeyawaddy River to Mingon. Watch the World largest ringing bell and Huge but unfinished Pagoda. Then continue to Strange Architectual Pagoda Myatheintan pagoda. Afterward continue to Sagaing, and visit Thameikhtaw Nunnery to study the life of Buddhist Nuns, Ywahtaung village for claypot and silver ware making. View the panorama and sunset from the top of Sagaing hill. Dinner and overnight in Mandalay.
mingunWorld largest ringing bell myatheintan2Myatheintan pagoda
Thameikhtaw Nuns
Claypot Sagaing
silver ware
Sagaing Hill
Day 13 : From Mandalay to Monywa
Visit Silk-weaving cottage industry in Amarapura and stop at Ywahtaung village to learn the silver ware making. Proceed to Monywa with visit villages on route. Visit Thanbuddhe temple to study stucco work, and the world largest reclining Buddha image on the top of the mountain. Again visit Shweguni pagoda, and its mural painting. Dinner and overnight at Monywa hotel.
Thanbuddhe temple
reclining buddha images
Reclining Buddha image
Day 14 : From Monywa to Pakkuku.
Drive to Pakkuku through the country site of Central Myanmar. Stop at Pakhangyi village, the Native town of Kogyigyaw, The Drunken Spirit, and learn the daily life of the countyrsite, the Fort built to stop hostile enemies. Continue to Pakkuku for dinner and overnight (or cross Ayeyawaddy River to Bagan).
The Drunken Spirit
On the way to Pakkuku
Day 15 : Boat trip to Bagan and Explore the First Myanmar Empire.
The culture tour begins with Shwezigon Pagoda, the prototype of later Myanmar Stupa and Nyaung Oo local market to watch the people of surrounding area, proceed to Gawdawpalin Temple and Htilominlo Temple, well noted for its pilaster work, proceed to Dhamanyangyi Temple, famous for its fine brick work, proceed to Ananda Temple, an architectural crowing achievement of Bagan. Thatbyinnyu Temple is the tallest temple in Bagan built in the middle of 12th century. Visit Sulamani Temple to study the finest brickwork.
shwezeegoneShwezeegone Pagoda dhamanangyiDhamanyangyi Temple
bagan ananda
Ananda Temple
Thatbyinnyu Temple
Sulamani Temple
bagan view3
Bagan View
Day 16 : From Bagan to Mt Popa (Sprirt Mountain)
(Morning) Depart for Mt.Popa, visit the village on route. Drop at Nats (Spirit) museum to see the life size of the Nats statues. Climb up the mountain to view the environ of arid area. Climb Shwesandaw Pagoda to see the aerial view of Bagan. Proceed to Shwegugyi Temple, Gubyaukgyi Temple, and visit Myingaba village to learn the processing of regional lacquerware product. Proceed to Manuha Temple, and Nanpaya Temple. Dinner and overnight in Bagan.
mount popaMt. Popa shwesantawShwesandaw Pagoda
Gubyaukgyi Temple
lacquer wareLacquer Ware Making
Day 17 : From Bagan to Pyway (Prome)
Drive to Chauk, the center of petroleum extracting since the British time, continue to Salay and learn the wooden monastery built in the 15th centaury. Then proceed to Magway and watch the river view from Myathalun Pagoda. Proceed to Pyi (Prome) the old capitol of Pyu period on the 3rd Centaury. Dinner and overnight Mingalar garden Hotel.
view from riverrank
View from River Bank
Day 18 : Drive to Htonebo, and take the boat to see Ahkauttaung Clif on which hundreds of Buddha Images are carved. Drive back to prome by stopping villages en route, then continue to Neikbeinna Nunnery to learn the life of Buddhist Nuns. Shwesandaw pagoda is the most famous pagoda built in the time of the Buddha founded by King Doatdabaung who built the Palace Srikhitarha. Selhtutgyi Pagoda, the huge gigantic seated Buddha Image is next to Shwesantaw Pagoda. Continue to Yangon and dinner and overnight in Yangon.
pyay ahkauktaung clifAhkauttaung Clif thameikhtaw nunneryNeikbeinna Nunnery
saehtutgyi2Selhtutgyi Pagoda karaweik2Karaweik Floating Hall
Day 19 : Visit to Visit in the downtown, and proceed to National Museum to watch the royal Regalias of the Last King that are made of gold and richly studded with precious stones such as Rubies, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Oriental Topaz…Last minute shopping at Scotch Market and departure in the evening…
Royal Regalia
Royal Throne



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