Balloon Over Bagan

Bagan, more popularly know as the city of four million pagodas and temples, the Birth Place of Therabardha buddhism is located on the eastern bank of Majestic Ayeyawaddy River. It is only a forty two square kilo meters land which is confined by over 2500 Pagodas and temples.

In former days, the pilgrims are allowed to climb on the top vestibules or terrace from where view the mystical panorama of environ. But the time was overed. We have another way of watching with bird-eyed view to thousands of pagodas and temples which is supported by hot air balloon. Please enjoy the balloon over Bagan.

Imagine floating over thousand year old pagodas and the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River, as the sun sinks slowly behind distant mountains.

The magic of Bagan has inspired visitors to Myanmar for centuries. One of the most remarkable sights in Asia, ancient temples dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. Now "Balloons over Bagan" affords visitors a unique opportunity to see this ancient kingdom, as it never has been seen before.

Our sunrise and sunset champagne flights take off daily from October through to the end of March.

balloon over bagan1Bagan's Panoramic View 
balloon over bagan
Fly Over the Bagan Pagoda
balloon over bagan4Balloon Over Bagan



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