Tourist visa for Myanmar can be obtained from any Myanmar embassy or consulate office in abroad -address in "Myanmar Embassies Abroad". Tourist visas are valid to stay 28 days in Myanmar and can be extended in Yangon. You can ask an application form from Embassy. APPLICATION TIME may take one to three days to obtain your entry visa depending on the embassy you apply, application time and current regulations. Three passport photos will be required.

There are two kinds of tourist visa, Entry Visa tourist (Package) and EVT (Foreign Independent Tourist).

- EVT (Package) - valid three months from the date of Issue and require a tour confirmation letter from an authorized travel agencies in Yangon.

- EVT (FIT) - valid one month from the date of Issue but require no tour confirmation letter.


1. Two completed application forms and one completed Report of
Arrival form with a photo (approx 1.5" x 2") on each.

2. Up dated news that US$ 200 is not compulsory any more to
buy local currency from 1st of Oct 2003.

3. An evidence of the trip - copy of air ticket/ itinerary/ letter from
the travel agent (required for Package visa only).

4. Prepaid Self -Addressed Envelope
(FedEx/ USPS-Express Mail/ DHL/ UPS/ Airborne)

(Payment arranged through Credit Cards are not accepted).

5. Passport of at least 6 months validity with available visa pages.


The Entry Tourist Visa is valid for a stay of exactly 4 weeks (28days). Visa is valid for THREE MONTHS from the date of issue, which cannot be renewed or refunded.

An authorized letter from our travel company can obtain package tour visa. We will assist you to get Package visa upon your request in accordance with your tour status. We are able to accept US$ in cash.

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