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Myanmar Months & its Activities
KASONE (Pour water at the root of sacred 'Bodhi Tree'/ The Kason Festival)
A month after ' Thin-gyan' is another water-related event- the Kason Festival. It falls on the Full moon day of Kason according to the Myanmar Calendar ( early May ). The Full moon Day of Kason is a day of three- fold significance the Day the Buddha was born, the day He attained Enlightenment and the Day of His Demise. All over the Myanmar, men and women of all ages go to pagodas in procession to pour water at the root of sacred 'Bo-Tree' or 'Bodhi' tree under which the Buddha attained Enlightenment. Carrying water pots on their heads, the lines of people make up a picturesque parade indeed, as they are usually accompanied by a music troupe whose flutes, cymbals, drums and bamboo clappers add a note of gaiety to the festival. They always walk in the clockwise direction. The worshippers chant verses in praise of Buddha.

The Buddhists perform meritorious deeds, meditate to attain Enlightenment; keep Sabbath; go to pagodas and monasteries, and give offertories to monks and nuns.

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