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Places of Interests (Yangon)
Kyaik-htiyo Pagoda
Kyaik-htiyo PagodaKyaik-htiyo Pagoda is the most famous domestic tourist center located about 160 km from Yangon. It stands on a gold gilded boulder precariously perched on the edge of the hill-cliff over 1100 km above sea-level. There are many legends about the pagoda and 'Nat' ( Spirit Gods) shrines along the 11 km uphill hike from the base camp to the pagoda. There is also a popular belief that a person gains in wealth every time he climbs the hills. It is a test of one's endurance and very exhilarating once a person reached the summit. Kyaikhto hotel located on the hill side is in gull view of the pagoda. The pilgrimage season is from October to May.

Coaches reach only Kinpun Base Camp at the foot of the hills from where visitors trek uphill for about 11 km. Porters and palanquins are available to carry luggage and pilgrims who are too old or weak.

Entrance Fee - US$ 10
Video Camera Fee - US$ 2

Ngapali BeachNgapali Beach
The beautiful Ngapali Beach is located in Thandwe (Sandoway) in Rakhine State about an hour's flight from Yangon. This un-spoilt beach stretches over 3 km and is an ideal place for everyone who loves sea, sand, sun or swimming, snorkeling or carefree loitering on the beach, exploring or just sitting amidst whistling wind. There is a 9-hole golf course only three miles away from the Ngapali hotel. Nearby fishing villages are also interesting places. Ngapali Beach opens from October to May.


Kann-tha-ya Beach Resort
Kann-tha-ya Beach ResortRakhing State's third pleasant beach resort " Kann-tha-ya" was unveiled on 24th March, 1995 in commemoration of the 50th Golden Jubilee Myanmar Armed Forces Day. It is situated in "Gwa" township only 82 miles from " Ngapali" beach . Yangon to Gwa is about 174 miles by Motor road and the route from Gwa to Kann-tha-ya beach is 17 miles by Motor road and the renovation of Gwa airfield is now improved to receive F-28 Jet aircraft in "Visit Myanmar Year 1996" and F-27 aircraft can land at present. It takes about 50 minutes to fly from Yangon to Gwa The out-standing features of ' Kann-tha-ya' beach are the blue sea, a very long stretch of silvery sands, a dark green line of coconut palm groves along the wide coast almost level beach about 8000 yards long and massive rock slabs and boulders. Speed-boats ate available at there for visitors who desire joy rides. A telegraphic and telephone station is at " Myay Hill" for inland and overseas communications.

The fauna in the Yoma forests are elephants, tigers, rhinos, gaurs, leopards, jungle cat's wild boars, deer, and monkeys, ect. It is different from other countries that these wild animals are to be seen frequently. Vacationers may go on hunting expeditions near the resort. People with a penchant for fishing may go out angling in the sea reefs and rocks providing a natural fence for the beach in safety. Life -guards have been posted along the beach. For those who desire to stretch their limbs, a 9-hole golf link has been kept in readiness.Chaung-tha Beach

Chaung-tha Beach
Chaung-tha beach is located 40 km to the west of Pathein ( Bassein) in Ayeyarwady Division. A regular double-decker boat leaves Yangon about 4 pm every evening and reaches Pathein early in the next day and bus drive from Pathein to Chaung-tha takes about 2 hours. It is also reached by road from Yangon via Pathein taking about 5 hours.


Tha-ye-khit-taya (Srikshetra)
Tha-ye-khit-taya (Srikshetra)An ancient 'Pyu' Capital lies 8 km south-east of Pyay ( Prome), is located about 285 km north-west of Yangon. Archaeological discoveries indicate that the city attained its height of prosperity between the 5th and 9th centuries.

In Tha-ye-khit-taya, one will find palace site the prototype of Bagan vaulted temple such as Lemyethna and East Zegu, the cylinder-shaped Bawbawgyi Pagoda, Payagyi and Payama stupas each with a high conical dome and the Archaeological Museum.

Shwesandaw Pagoda, a gigantic sitting Buddha Statue of Hsehtatkyi Pagoda, Shwe Phone Pwint Library and places of interest in Pyay. One of the most interesting places nearby Pyay is the Htonebo Cliff (Akauktaung Cliff) three hour drives from Pyay. It is a lime stone mountain which wall on the Ayeyawaddy river side is carved with so many Buddha Images. Pyay is easily accessible by road or by rail.

Kyengton (Eastern Shan State)Kyengton (Eastern Shan State)
It used to be the capital of eastern Shan State, and the best place to learn different tradition and culture of Minorities such as Akha, Lahu, Aeng, Wa, Kachin, Palaung, Shan etc. Those minorities are generally living on the hill-side and the short trekking is un-avoidable to see these tribal, but it will be extremely worth it.



Hkakabo Razi
Hkakabo RaziMount Kinabalu in Malaysia is often depicted as the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, especially by locally based promoters of ecotourism. Actually Kinabalu, a mere 4,101 metres tall, is dwarfed by Myanmar's Mount Hkakabo or Hkakaborazi, which towers 5,881 metres or 19,269 feet above sea level.

Furthermore Kinabalu is relatively easy to climb, as attested by the many mountaineering teams that have successfully scaled its heights, where as Hkakaborazi was conquered only as recently as 1996 September 15 by takes by Takeshi Ozaki of Japan and Nama Johnson of Myanmar. For that matter Kinabalu is not even the second tallest mountain in Southeast Asia, that honour rightfully belonging to Indonesia's Mount Puncak Jaya, which stands a little over 5,000 metres high.

Mount Hkakabo is located in Naung Mon Township in Putao District of the Kachin State. It is situated in the extreme North of Myanmar and is perenially snow-capped, being part of the Eastern Himalayan Region. Hkakaborazi lies in the Hkakaborazi Protected Area which covers 3812 Square kilometers and the head waters of the great Ayeyawadi River, Myanmar's main artery for commerce and navigation, are to be found here.

Communications are difficult in the Hakaborazi forests and mountain slopes. Streams have to be crossed on precarious rattan bridges slung across the gorges sometimes hundreds of feet above the rushing torrents and rocky stream-beds. For the most part, journeys are made on foot along footpaths that hug the mountain sides and wind through dense jungle undergrowth. Every few miles you may come across small encampments of road maintenance workers where you may take shelter for the night without any payment other than for firewood.

Kachin Manor FestivalKachin Manor Festival
Myitkyina, the birth place of Kachin tribals and the place where Kachin Manor Festival taking place, Putao, the gate way to Snow-Capped Mountain); 'Shan State' (Lashio and hsibaw); 'Kayah State' (Loikaw); 'Rakhine State' (Sittway and Taunggup); "Kayin state" (Thamanya, Pha-an and Hlaingbwe); 'Mon State' (Kyaikhto, Thaton, Kyaikmaraw, Mawlamyine, Thanbyuzayat, and Kyaikkhami); 'Tainthrryi division' (Myeik, and Dawei, Maungmagan, Kawthaung, Zadetgyi Island (exclusive of Naval Base) and Lumpi Island.' Ayeyarwady Division' (Pathein, Myaungmya, Ngathaingchaung, Bogalay); Alaungdaw Kassapa Wild Animal Park, Powun taung, Monywa, Twin Taung, Bidalin, Kyauka, Yinmabin and Yihlyantwin); 'Sagaing Division' (Kalay, Khanti and Homalin); 'Chin State' (Mintat, Hakha, Falam and Tiddim).

Mogok Ruby MineThere are many other places of interest for tourists to visit in Myanmar. 'Kachin State' (Hopeng, Mohnyin, Mogaung, Inndawgyi, Bhamo).

Restricted Areas
We also conduct the tours to Phakant, the world biggest Jade stone over 25,000 Tons of Weight is located. Mogoke, the Centre of extracting Famous Pigeon Blood Color Rubies, Chin State, and the rare opportunity of Naga tribe Festival, Mongshu and Pearl Island require application for permit through Ministry of Hotels and Tourism to the office of chief of Staff ( Army).

If you are Interested to Explore Such an Unbelievable Tour to Mogoke and Pharkant.

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