State-Division (Yangon Division)

yangon divisionYangon is the Capital City of Yangon Division, and is one of the main gateways to Myanmar.

Evergreen and cool with lush tropical trees, shady parks and beautiful lakes, Yangon has earned the name of "the Garden City of the East". Relatively simple city without skyscrapers neon-lit clamor, crowded squalor and the pace of modern life, Yangon is attractive in its own special way.

Yangon was founded by King "Alaungpaya" after the conquest of Mon king on the site of a small settlement called "Dagon when he conquer lower Myanmar in 1755 AD. The name Yangon means "End of Strive', which was Anglicized to "Rangoon" after the British annexed Myanmar in 1885 AD. At present, Yangon covers about 10053 sq-km and has a population of about 5.4 millions.

The University of Yangon founded in 1920 and reorganized in 1964, when it became the Arts and Science University.

During World War II, Japanese forces captured the city on March 8, 1942. The independence was offered by the British at 4:20 hr on the 4th of January 1948.

Yangon was gained it's original pronunciation in 1990. Shwedagon Pagoda, the wonder of Myanmar is also located in Yangon.

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