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Myanmar Months & its Activities
TAZAUNGMONE (The offering of ' Ma-tho-thin-gan'/ Tazaungmone Festival of Lights)
In ' Tazaungmone ' ( November ), Tazaunding' Festival is held on the full moon day of Tazaungmone according to the Myanmar calendar. Homes, buildings and streets are illuminated and monks are provided with robes and various requisites at Kahtein ( ceremony of offering robe to monks). The offering of ' Ma-tho-thin-gan' saffron-colored robes weaving ceremony is held on the eve of the full moon day of 'Tazaungmone' in one night. On that day, young women teams of weavers compete with one another to complete weaving robes overnight. Crowds watch intensely as the'go signal is given for the teams to start speed weaving at a stretch from evening onwards till completion at dawn for offering to the great image of Lord Buddha. The weaving of this special robe is still done the traditional way as a demonstration and contest of weaving skill.

During the 'Kahtein' Festival some Myanmar young men usually send up fire balloons.

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