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Myanmar Months & its Activities
WAGAUNG (' Maha-Dok' festival)
'Wagaung ( August) is the month for what is called ' Maha-Dok' festival named after a very poor man who became rich over-night for his offerings to 'Kas-sa-pa Buddha'. On the festival day, a large marquee is built to place as many alms bowls as there are monks (bikkhus) in the locality. People passing by contribute what they can by putting alms into the bowls, which get filled up and are finally distributed to the 'Sangha', and also the 'Sangha' ate assigned to the donors, with the drawing of lots in both cases.

Taung-Pyone Festival
The festival of 'Taung -Pyone' (in August ) is a very peculiar and particular festival that although Myanmar Buddhists ate not actually spirit worshippers, thousands of country folks and townspeople alike flock to this yearly festival of "Nats" ( Spirit Gods ) near Mandalay to participate in its joyous, light-hearted merrymaking. the small Taung Pyaone Hill and surrounding areas had been 'awarded' to the "Nats" as a special province of their own by Myanmar Kings since the Bagan Dynasty in the 11th century. Once a year, festivals ate held to honor these "Nats".

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